Privately owned Villa Orion 1981

Penticton Villa

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Explore on Google Maps the stunning location of Villa Orion (= Orion Consultings Ltd.= the owner).

Penticton Villa since 1981

    Since 1981 we own this premier luxury estate. Our company – Orion Consultings Limited – has been incorporated from 13th Day of October 1981 under the Company Act Number 243822 of Province British Columbia, Ministry of Commerce and Corporate Affairs. We built villa Orion between 2004-2007 at the location of our old cottage. From 1. March 2013 we are renting villa Orion. The City of Penticton approved the rental with the business license, number 14610.
    After more than 30 years’ ownership this property has always been a sanctuary for us. We want to share this experience with our guests.

    The representatives of the owner are Rein Willemsen (reservation manager) and Lori Gordon (local concierge, living on the property).

    Rein Willemsen

    Rein Willemsen

    Lori Gordon

    Lori Gordon

    Rein and Lori have their own responsibilities in hospitality management:

    1. Facilitating rental planning, numbers, names and duration of stay (Rein)

    2. Facilitating bookings, payments, data and guests’ expectations (Rein)

    3. Welcoming (gate entrance, security, cleaning and villa facilities) and managing your wishes, privacy & safety (Lori)

    4. Checking out the last morning based on the inventory checklist & receiving your reviews (Lori)

    5. After sales and multi-channel awareness & purchases (Rein)

    "Privately owned villa"


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    Lori is living in her own house at the property (above photo: her house is on the left). Her two mini horse – Daisy and Shadow – ponies are at the meadow close to her house: