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BC Weddings take place in The Okanagan

    Wedding couples are using our Wedding Villa Okanagan Lake as their home base to prepare their ceremony and parties elsewhere.

    Wedding Villa Okanagan Lake

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    Explore on Google Maps the stunning location of Villa Orion (= Orion Consultings Ltd.= the owner).

    Villa Orion Penticton is our high end WEDDING, ANNIVERSARY,BEACH, SKI, GOLF, HOCKEY and BUSINESS rental villa built in 2007 on 3260 sf in our 4 ½ acre magnificent property with sensational views!

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    BC Weddings: Wedding Venue Orion

      BC Weddings, Luxury Retreats Canada, Villa Rental Orion Penticton

      Discover Wedding Venue Orion: Outdoor Design Comforters, Exclusive Artwork, Technology Entertainment, Celebrity Amenities, Own Concierge and Orion’s Light Sensations!

      Wedding Venue Orion

      BC Weddings: Okanagan Wedding Event Planning

        BC Weddings, Luxury Retreats Canada, Villa Rental Orion Penticton

        From Villa Orion Penticton you can choose the following 20 award winning Winery Restaurants for your Wedding Ceremony, Reception and Party.

        Okanagan Wedding Event Planning

        BC Weddings: Penticton Wedding Destination

          Travel distance from Penticton to Vancouver (Canada BC) is 391 km/243 mi. Vancouver International Airport is frequently and easily accessible from Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas. You can rent a car from Vancouver or take Air Canada, which has four flights daily to Penticton Airport.  Or you take a helicopter or personal plane from Vancouver. Villa Orion is First Ancient Peach Orchard Property at the Naramata Bench Wines.

          Penticton Wedding Destination

          Welcome Canadians, Americans, Europeans, Asians, Australians, New Zealanders, Caribbeans, South Americans!

          BC Weddings in Luxury Retreats Orion Penticton is easy accessible from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for Asian, Australian, European and American destinations. From YVR Air Canada Jazz offers you daily four scheduled flights to the Penticton Regional Airport (YYF). Domestic flights are landing at YYF or YLW (= Kelowna International Airport, 60 minutes from Penticton). YLW has other (inter)national airlines and offers direct flights from major Canadian & American destinations, as well as seasonal charter flights to the US, Mexico and other holiday destinations.
          For Canadians you can take a domestic flight from Calgary 683 km/424 mi, from Edmonton 982 km/610 mi, from Toronto ….. Or take your car: Penticton is 6 hours from Seattle, 5 hours from Vancouver 5 hours and 8 hours from Calgary.For the latest road conditions or travel distances from other locations, visit

          BC Weddings Luxury Retreats Orion Penticton

          Indian Summer colours on our property (Fall 2014).

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