Wedding Venues Orion: Celebrity Location, Design, Amenities, Art, Technologies

Wedding Venue Orion

Orion’s Light Sensations Resemble Rothko’s Paintings

BE ALERT, Orion’s sensations may take you by surprise :) Most guests are falling into ecstasy describing Orion's OUTDOOR sensations. On the other hand changing OUTDOORS = "changing sunsets and skyfalls" are CONTINUOUSLY ENGULFING Orion's INTERIORS .......... ...and vibrating your EMOTIONS ..... ......"these SENSATIONS are very relaxing indeed" as guests are recording. For us this is comparable with Rothko’s paintings: overwhelmed by sensations standing at the painting, but feeling nothing looking at its photo. Villa Orion has large glass expanses from floor to ceiling providing dramatic views. Bringing natural light deep into home interior accentuated by crystals. These sensations can't be captured on professional photos. So BE ALERT, SENSATIONS may take you by surprise!

The Americas - right bottom - one of the four tectonic plateaus drifting away from each other

Consistent Upgrading Quality for Great Wedding and Anniversary

First, upgrading our CORE PRODUCTS: look at the other illustrated facilities on this page. Second, upgrading our SERVICE LEVELS with our local Concierge, Soap the Marseille, Distilled water, Wood for the fireplace, End cleaning, Gas for barbeque, Beach chairs and towels, Good coffee maker, Top level women’s cosmetics, Laura Ashley's Bathrobes. Third, upgrading our PERSONAL and UNIQUE PROPOSITIONS: becoming energy neutral with all we do: collecting Roof Water for irrigating; collecting Warm Water from water solar; Heavy Metals Shutters for keeping the house cool and warm; Heat from our fireplace is flowing into pipes through concrete wall to heat living room; Bathrobes and Towels washed on the premises; Fans in our living room are recirculating the air.

Outdoor Design Comforters

Outdoor barbecue-set, granite & stainless steel picnic table (+ 8 chairs), 4 landscaped gardens in the style of famous Dutch landscape architect Piet Oudolf (Lake-side, Bench-side, Japanese & Concierge-side garden), waterfall in Japanese garden, 4 sunbathing terrace chairs in front of living room + 2 in front of the western bedroom, solar lamps at terrace decks, relax outdoor furniture at patio, huge Wind "Monk" Gong Pipes in forest "island" with meditation area, silent public beach just below Orion's cliffs, gate entrance to the Kettle Valley Trail.

Exclusive Artwork

Exclusive Artwork: paintings by Phil Clark, Diana Peel and John Revill; a bronze by Linda Steward; a blue alabaster sculpture by Kevin Peters (look at below YouTube Film!); a Jade Bear by Lyle Sopel; a Polar Bear by Rodney Kalausok (Nation = Inuit); modern Chandelier by Brand & Van Egmond and many (Muse Gazing) Crystals (for example from Ken Rains) throughout the villa.

Technology Entertainment

2 Airco Systems, Floor & Air Heating Systems, Electrical (Sun) Shutters at the lakeside (at the first & ground floor), First-rate Electronics, LED LCD TV, BOSE Digital Home Theater Speaker System (at first floor), Digital Theater Speaker Systems (at living room + lakeside deck); CD/DVD Player, Digital Music Channels and fast Wi-Fi internet.

Celebrity Amenities

Gourmet kitchen with professional-grade refrigerator, dishwasher, Wolf stove, fine Chrysanthemum (flower of the Japanese Emperor) dishes & cups, superior Versace chinaware: “Les Tresors de la Mer”, fine glassware, high-grade counter top appliances. Master Bathroom = spa-like bathroom, Jacuzzi, a hydro massage system, cosmetics.In other 2 Bathrooms = professional grade appliances and cosmetics. Bedrooms = designer decorated, 2 new king size beds, high thread count sheets, linens of the highest quality. One new queen size bed at the atrium with high thread count sheets & linens of the highest quality for 5th and 6th guest. Living Room = fireplace (wood). Basement = Miele wash machine & dryer.