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Frequently Asked Questions Luxury Retreats

Where is the Location of Villa Orion?

Explore on Google Maps the stunning location of Villa Orion (= Orion Consultings Ltd.= the owner).

1. Can you tell me more about Villa Orion Penticton?

    Since 1981 we own this premier luxury estate. Our company – Orion Consultings Limited – has been incorporated from 13th Day of October 1981 under the Company Act Number 243822 of Province British Columbia, Ministry of Commerce and Corporate Affairs. We built our modern architecture villa between 2004-2007 at the location of our former cottage. From 1. January 2013 we decided to rent villa Orion. The City of Penticton approved the rental with the business license, number 14610.

    Our website information shows exactly what you get. And your rental payments to Orion Consultings Ltd. are absolutely safe. Besides we don’t charge you (service) fees like homeaway.com, tripadvisor.com, airbnb.com and booking.com. So book your nights directly at Villa Orion 🙂

    After 35 years’ ownership we can say that this property has always been a sanctuary for us. We want to share our quality product and excellent personal experiences with you.

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    Along the Kettle Valley Railway just west of Munson Mountain, you find this dramatic scenery, this unusual pinnacle eroded from the glacial lake silt. Here - below villa Orion - was the KVR train slide and the mysterious Torpedo-Lakeside gold mine.

    Along the Kettle Valley Railway just west of Munson Mountain, you find this dramatic scenery, this unusual pinnacle eroded from the glacial lake silt. Here – below villa Orion – was the KVR trainslide and the mysterious Torpedo-Lakeside gold mine.

    2. What purpose could I have to rent villa Orion Penticton?

    Ideal Short Term stay (minimum 4 nights) for:
    1. Wedding, your home base Villa celebrating Wedding Reception and Party elsewhere in The Okanagan
    2. BC wine, your Villa Holidays for Okanagan Wineries, Winery Restaurants, Wine Festivals and Wine Tours
    3. Beach, your Luxury Beach Holidays in a modern architecture villa at Lake Okanagan in Penticton BC
    4. Hockey, your Holiday Lettings for Okanagan Hockey School, Hockey Academy and Penticton Vees
    5. Ski, your Holiday Lettings for seven Okanagan Ski Resorts
    6. Business, Rent a Villa for Personalized Services with Spacious and Luxury Accommodations, Seclusion and Privacy.

    Ideal Long Term stay (minimum 1 month) for:
    1. (pre) Retired People wanting to live in Mediterranean climate and close to the best Okanagan Wineries
    2. Active Workers – Traders, Internet Specialists, Authors, Professors – looking for consistent top quality, fast internet & concierge
    3. Family Reunions enjoying people you love most: no hotel room hassle, no expensive club membership
    4. Wine Lovers wanting to live local in the heartland of the BC wine
    5. Business (Wo)Men looking for a home away from home together with family.

    3. What are the tasks of your Conciergerie?

    Rein Willemsen is our reservation manager and responsible for task 1 and 2. Lori Gordon is our local concierge responsible for tasks 3, 4 and 5:
    1. Supporting the planning of dates, numbers, names and duration of stay
    2. Confirming the bookings, payments and arrival date
    3. Welcoming at the gate entrance or pick you up from Penticton airport
    4. Responsible for personal services and the planning of cleaning crew
    5. Checking out the last morning based on the inventory list of villa Orion.

    4. Are your Short Term Rental Rates per Person or for the Entire Villa?

    Our rates are for the entire villa at four (4) person occupancy. Should you wish to host additional guests you would be required to pay for the additional queen size bed a day. The maximum allowed guests is six (6) persons.

    5. What is the Required Minimum Length of Short Term Stay?

    Minimal length of short stay in villa Orion is 4 nights. For long stay minimum one month. Please visit our Price & Availability section.

    6. Is a Week Rental Always starting on Saturday?

    No. Dependent on the demand from our guests the arrival and departure days are flexible.

    7. When is the Low, Shoulder and Peak Season in 2016 and 2017?

    Season 2016 From Till Minimum nights’ stay
    Shoulder 10   September 5   November 4 nights
    Low 5  November 22 December 4 nights
    Shoulder 22   December 5   January 2017 4 nights
    Season 2017 From Till Minimum nights’ stay
    Low 5 January 1 April 4 nights
    Shoulder 1 April 17 June 4 nights
    High 17 June 10 September 4 nights

    If you would like a Longer Term visit, please consult our reservation manager.

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    8. Do we have to pay the Full Rent, if we are not using all bedrooms?

    Our rates are for the entire villa at four (4) person occupancy. There is no discount offered for less than regular occupancy.

    9. If we do not book all bedrooms will someone else (i.e. strangers) be using those bedrooms and sharing the Villa?

    Absolutely not. You are renting our entire Villa and you never have to share our Villa with anyone other than those in your companionship.

    10. Is your Villa a good idea for your Wedding?

    Absolutely! Our private and spacious Villa is an idyllic home base for your once-in-a-lifetime-experience.

    11. Your Villa is more expensive than a Hotel in The Okanagan. Why?

    In our Villa you get the luxuries and anonymity of an elegant, secured gated estate. And the endless amenities at your fingertips provide indulgence options: concierge services, out/indoor design, exclusive artwork, technology entertainment etc. And the dramatic views over Okanagan Lake and Mountains are sensational for your wedding photo album.

    12. Is Penticton BC a wonderful Destination for Business, Wedding, BC Wine, Beach, Hockey and Ski?

    Absolutely! Penticton BC has made its mark on the World’s tourism stage because of:
    1. Its Mediterranean Climate and seven Beaches: lots of sunshine combined with world class skiing conditions! In the Climate Severity Index of Environment Canada – the lower the score, the less stress is induced by climate in terms of discomfort, psychological effect, hazard, and outdoor immobility – Penticton rated the best, with the lowest score of 16.  The average 2000+ hours of sunshine per year, which is a higher average than Rio de Janeiro and Hawaii. Penticton has a semi-arid climate (Köppen BSk) with hot, dry, sunny summers and cold, cloudy winters. Precipitation averages slightly more than 330 mm (13″) annually. Penticton has hot summers with daytime temperatures above 30°C commonplace, but humidity is low and summer nights are cool. Winters are brief with mean daily temperatures averaging just below freezing for about 8 weeks out of the year. The average daily maximum remains above zero the entire year. Penticton is sheltered from cold Arctic air in winter by the surrounding mountain ranges, making blizzards and freezing rainstorms very rare. The Okanagan area offers 5 different ski destinations, trails to suit all ski and snowboarder levels, an average annual snowfall of over 644cm.

    2. Penticton Festivals 2016: Okanagan Fest-of-Ale (early April), Penticton Elvis Festival (Late June), Peach City Beach Cruise (late June), Penticton Highland Games (early July), Beach Blanket Film Festival (late July), Peachfest (August), Challenge Canada (end August), Pentastic Hot Jazz Festival (mid September), Okanagan Spring, Summer and Fall Wine Festivals, Mr Muscle and Miss Bikini, World Cup Freestyle Skiing (Apex Alpine Mountain Resort).
    3. Okanagan Wine & Fruit abundance: Villa Orion is lying in the heartland of milk & honey. Orchards with cherries, peaches, prunes, berries, apples, pears, nectarines, grapes, walnuts and maroni. At the moment (2016) the Okanagan Valley has 133+ licensed wineries. Plan your Wine Touring and gorgeous Winery Restaurants from Villa Orion.
    4. Okanagan Sport and Outdoor Life: Villa Orion is lying in a huge Sport Paradise: hunting, fishing, golf, tennis, spa, massage centres, health clubs, flying, triathlon, (dust) biking, horseback riding/packing, paragliding, heli-skiing, gold penning, rock climbing.
    5. Okanagan Geological and Mineralogical Exposure: minerals from 400 million are at the surface! Metamorphic rocks are dated 2 billion years old. 50 to 60 million years ago rock forming the crust of the earth broke apart and formed a large valley. Then volcanoes erupted along the valley. Huge glaciers dug out the lakes. Water eroded the Valley. Mountain building forces developed and central B.C. uplifted. An ancient drainage system developed, 200 to 300 meters relief. Lake Okanagan in front of Villa Orion was a geological glacier tongue.

    Okanagan Valley is a must-experience for the traveller young and old. Villa Orion helps you to experience Okanagan gems.

    13. Does this villa include staff personnel?

    Our local concierge has her own home at our property.

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    14. What is your deposit policy?

    1. 30% payment of the rental price to us within 5 business days after the receipt of our approval of your rental agreement. Once the deposit is paid you will be bound by our terms and conditions and the property will be reserved for you.
    2. The remaining 70% must then be paid to us at least 30 days before the rent commencement date. If you book within 30 days of the rent commencement date we must receive full payment of the rental price within 5 business days of receipt of our approval of the rental agreement to guarantee the property is reserved for you. Once this payment is made you will be bound by our terms and conditions.
    3. The refundable 10% to 25% security deposit dependent on the amount of your rental nights. Deposit purpose is to cover charges, including but not limited to, loss, breakage, unpaid local charges, excessive cleaning and additional maintenance and must be paid 7 days before your arrival to us before rent commencement date otherwise we may refuse you access to the property. We refund this security deposit within 7 days of the end of your rental period, subject to any deductions. We reserve the right to deduct charges from this deposit for the use of the telephone (direct on internet). We also reserve the right to retain the full security deposit until the concierge confirms there is no damage to the Property. Should the security deposit prove inadequate to fully cover any costs that may arise, we reserve the right to invoice you for the balance within 30 days of the end of the Rental Period, or at such other time to allow the total cost to be determined.

    15. What is our cancellation policy?

    Your booking is cancelled when:
    1. You did not pay the rental rates and/or deposits in time or
    2. The reservation manager provides written confirmation of your cancellation or
    3. The concierge concludes you are, or appear to be, behaving in such a way as to cause, or likely to cause, danger, distress or annoyance to any individual, or damage to the property. If so, you will be required to vacate the Property immediately and we will have no further liability to you.

    16. Are children, pets and drugs welcome in your Villa?

    Children are welcome in Villa Orion, but pets and smoke are banned because of allergies. Drugs are prohibited. The property has dangers such as steep clay cliffs, a fragile atrium glass walk around, the open deck patio and terrace steps. So our property is not totally child friendly and not totally wheelchair accessible. The owner does not take any responsibilities for your risks. We recommend you to take the relevant insurances for your reservation period.

    17. Do I need to purchase a trip insurance?

    Even the best-planned trips can get blown off course by unexpected circumstances. Relevant insurances provide coverage for everyone staying at the villa for an affordable cost.

    18. Can we easily reach the attractions in the Okanagan Valley from Villa Orion?

    Villa Orion is located in the heartland of the Okanagan Valley:
    1. Penticton’s national airport in 15 driving minutes: five Air Canada Jazz planes are bringing you every day from/to the International Vancouver Airport in 45 minutes
    2. The 97 High Way (driving time is 4½ hours from Vancouver and 8½ hours from Calgary)
    3. Kelowna’s international airport in 60 driving minutes: Canada’s 10th busiest airport offering non-stop service from Toronto, Victoria, Prince George, Calgary, Edmonton, Vegas, Phoenix and Seattle
    4. The numerous restaurants (from 4 till 60 driving minutes)
    5. The more than 140 wineries (from 1 minute till 60 driving minutes)

    6. The diverse nightclubs & casinos (from 10 minutes till 45 minutes)
    7. The 3 ski pistes: Apex Alpine Mountain Resort = 34 km from Penticton, 40 driving minutes; Big White Ski Resort = 56 km/35 mil SE from Kelowna and Crystal Mountain Ski resort = 15 minutes from West Kelowna
    8. The hard court tennis (5 minutes driving time)
    9. The 36 golf courses (from 5 till 60 minutes driving time). Golf season is beginning in March and ending late November
    10. The 12 art galleries (from 7 till 45 minutes driving time). And don’t forget to visit Osooys’ desert & native museum (40 driving minutes)
    11. The Kettle Valley Railway was driving 30 meters under our estate. You can reach this trail via our separate gate. From our villa you walk in this historical landscape. Close to on our property the KVR locomotive derailed in the sixteens (look at the pictures in our villa). Start  from our villa your bike journey on the 24 km (12 mile) trail, which is a historical treasure and brings you through the breath taking landscapes from Pentiction to Narramata and Kelowna (see map).

    Cyclists and hikers will want to visit the stunning Kettle Valley Trail which follows the old railway grade from Penticton through Naramata’s bench wineries, and farther along, a system of tunnels and trestles leading all the way to Castlegar and beyond, some several hundreds of kilometers. Part of the Trans-Canada Trail which bills itself as the longest recreational trail in the world. You can also travel the railway grade on the opposite side of the lake 10km to Summerland which is gatewayed by the dramatic Trout Creek Railway Trestle, the highest in British Columbia.The KVR Trail has successfully transformed a historically significant rail corridor, giving it new life as a connection between communities in the Okanagan Valley. The City of Penticton is a gateway community to the trail, functioning as an important hub where users can access three different directions of the trail.[/toggle]

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