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Vacation Property at Kettle Valley Trail

Vacation Property at Kettle Valley Trail

    Penticton is home to a fantastic choice of both road cycling and mountain biking but the must-pedal trail for visitors is undoubtedly the former Kettle Valley Railway. With top marks for the gentle 2% grade and easy accessibility, the KVR is perfect for all the family. The real winner here, however is the panoramic views of the sun-soaked lakes and vineyards of the Okanagan Valley as the trail winds down towards Penticton.

    Villa Orion Penticton just lies above Kettle Valley trail

    Taking a ride break has never been more fun, with several wineries being located directly on the KVR. For those looking for a full day adventure, consider taking a shuttle to Kelowna and pedalling the KVR all the way back to Penticton over the Myra Canyon trestles.
    Via our gate you come on the KVT.

    Okanagan Valley BC – 315,000 population – is located in south central British Columbia.
    Entry points to the Okanagan Valley – which is about 155 miles (250 km) in length – are from the west: Highway 3 via Keremeos and then Highway 3A. From the south: Highway 97 via Osoyoos. From the northwest: Highway 97C (the Coquihalla Connector) or Highway 5 (the Coquihalla), both via Merritt. From the west or east: Highway 1 (the Trans-Canada). From the southeast: Highway 33. From the northeast: Highway 1 via Sicamous and then south along Highways 97A or 97B.

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    Explore on Google Maps the stunning location of Villa Orion (= Orion Consultings Ltd.= the owner).

    Our Vacation Property Orion Consultings Ltd. is located in the south of this Okanagan Valley – in Penticton – overlooking Okanagan Lake.Vacation Property Orion Consultings Ltd

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    Our Vacation Property Orion Consultings Ltd. offers one of the longest golf seasons in Canada. Golfers have a choice of 7 championship and 21 additional courses within the Penticton area. The Okanagan Valley is named a Golfer’s Nirvana, as it features among Yahoo Travel’s 10 Hottest Canadian Destination for 2009.

    Winemaking is the hot ticket in the Okanagan.  Penticton is located in the centre of the legendary Wine Country of  British Columbia, encompassing Naramata, Summerland, Kelowna, Osoyoos,  and Oliver. Over 80% of BC’s wine grapes are grown in this area. Almost  all wineries in the Okanagan are less than an hour’s drive from  Penticton. Most wineries have tasting rooms. Lonely Planet lists sipping Okanagan Valley wine as a defining Canadian experience, and names Canada one of the Top 10  Countries in 2009 as part of its Best in Travel 2009 guide.

    One of the most beautiful attractions in Okanagan Valley is its blossoms. The Okanagan Valley, stretching from Osoyoos at the US border north to Vernon, is laden with orchards, making it especially appealing in spring when the fruit trees are in full bloom. Miles and miles of glorious, fragrant blossoms light the area in a dazzling arrray of delightful colors. Visitors and residents alike come from all over to catch sight of this natural masterpiece and then enjoy its fresh rewards. Okanagan Fruit Blossoms and Harvest Dates are:


    Blossom May 5 – May 20
    Harvest August 15 – October 30


    Blossom April 10 – April 25
    Harvest July 20 – August 10


    Blossom April 20 – May 7
    Harvest July 10 – August 10


    Blossom April 20 – May 2
    Harvest July 25 – September 1


    Blossom April 25 – May 10
    Harvest August 15 – September 30

    Prunes / Plums

    Blossom April 28 – May 10
    Harvest August 15 – September 10


    Our Vacation Property Orion Consultings Ltd. is lying close to a desert. After even one visit to this spectacularly diverse area, you’ll understand why superlatives are constantly used to describe it. Beloved by thousands of visitors and inhabitants alike for the unparalleled variety of its climate and landscape, the Okanagan Valley has something for everyone: hoodoos, orchards, vineyards, mountains, valleys, lakes, highlands, ski slopes and trails. This is truly one of the most desirable locales in British Columbia for year-round outdoor fun.

    Vacation Property Orion Consultings Ltd

    Starting in the south, near the US border, you’ll find spectacular backcountry, with the remains of old mining settlements dotting the highway. After you pass through the arid Osoyoos and Oliver regions and head north up the valley, you will encounter orchards and vineyards, evidence of some of the best fruit- and vegetable-growing land in the world.

    Dozens of parks surround Okanagan Lake, an outdoor adventure playground where the only difficulty is deciding what to do with your time. Ski at Silver Star, Big White, or Apex? Wilderness camp at Okanagan Mountain, or farther north at Monashee? Mountain bike at Kalamalka, or at Silver Star? As you can see, the choice is dizzying. To put it simply, this is one area worth spending some serious time in.

    You could spend months exploring the Okanagan Valley region. There are more than 60 provincial parks, and dozens and dozens of recreation sites.

    The location of our Vacation Property is ideal for hiking, mountain biking and backpacking, with little or no bushwhacking required. The parks in the Okanagan offer remoteness, breathtaking landscapes, and challenging outdoor adventure. You can walk or hike as much or as little of the Kettle Valley Railway Trail. The Kettle Valley Railway was driving 30 meters under our estate. You can reach this trail via our separate gate. From our villa you walk in this historical landscape. Close to on our property the KVR locomotive derailed in the sixteens (look at the pictures in our villa). Start from our villa your bike journey on the 24 km (12 mile) trail, which is a historical treasure and brings you through the breath taking landscapes from Pentiction to Narramata and Kelowna (see map).Vacation Property Orion Consultings Ltd
    Start cycling or hiking this stunning Kettle Valley Trail from Penticton through Naramata’s bench wineries to Kelowna – a 24 km (12 mile) trail – which is a historical treasure and brings you through the breath taking landscapes. Stamina, more than conditioning, will determine if you complete the 15-mile (24-km) round trip between the trailheads on the Little White and Myra Forest Service Roads. As the trail follows an abandoned railbed, the grade is moderate. This was one of the more challenging sections of the route to engineer and required 18 trestles and two tunnels. Eventually farther along, through a system of tunnels and trestles leading all the way to Castlegar and beyond, some several hundreds of kilometers. Part of the Trans-Canada Trail which bills itself as the longest recreational trail in the world. You can also travel the railway grade on the opposite side of the lake 10km to Summerland which is gatewayed by the dramatic Trout Creek Railway Trestle, the highest in British Columbia.

    Availability 2019 & short rental rates

    Vacation Property Orion Consultings Ltd

    History of the Kettle Valley Railway

    Diving: When diving at Paul’s Tomb in the Knox Mountain Nature Park in Kelowna, you can see, at a depth of 25 feet (8 m), a replica of Ogopogo, a mythological creature reputed to inhabit the waters of nearby Okanagan Lake. Otter Bay in Ellison Provincial Park in Vernon is the site of western Canada’s first freshwater scuba diving and snorkelling park. A number of objects have been sunk here to attract a variety of fish and other lake-dwelling creatures.

    Wildlife: For a special wildlife-viewing experience, take a day to visit Vaseux Lake Provincial Park, about 15 miles (25 km) south of Penticton on Hwy 97. Here, the Vaseux Lake Nature Trust operates the Vaseux Wildlife Centre in a multiagency cooperative project. In addition, there is a Canadian Wildlife Service wildlife sanctuary adjacent to the park and two Wildlife Management Units ensuring protection of critical bighorn sheep winter range. The cliffs surrounding the park include spring and winter range of California bighorn sheep, and the area is famous for bird watching. Grasses, reeds, willows, and shrubs along the shore afford a home to many varieties of birdlife. Waterfowl, including trumpeter swans, widgeons, Canada geese, wood ducks, and blue-winged teal, are common. In spring, the beautiful lazuli bunting has been seen. Other bird species present include chukar partridge, wrens, swifts, sage thrashers, woodpeckers, curlews, and dippers. Mammal species found here include beavers, bats, cottontail rabbits, muskrats, deer, and mice. Rattlesnakes, toads, and turtles also live in this area. Considerable populations of largemouth bass, rainbow trout, and carp make their home in the water, and in winter, the frozen lake offers excellent conditions for ice fishing as well as other ice-related activities.

    Okanagan Falls is a charming town best visited for its tasty pleasures: it’s home to the increasingly famous chocolate factory Snowy Mountain Chocolate; the largest ice-cream cone seller in the valley, Tickleberry’s; the world-famous fruit-snack producer, Okanagan Dried Fruit; and two prestigious wineries, Wild Goose Vineyards and LeComte Estate Winery. Samples of all these treats await you – enjoy.

    Penticton takes full advantage of its dual lakefronts. The south end of town (with its go-cart tracks, amusement centres, miniature golf courses, water slides, and RV parks) touches the north shore of Skaha Lake. The north end of town sidles along the southern tip of 70-mile-long (113-km) Lake Okanagan. Visit the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, operated by the National Research Council, which draws astronomers from around the world. It’s open to the public during daylight hours, and tours are available Sunday afternoons.

    On the east side of Lake Okanagan, Kelowna is the largest and liveliest of the Okanagan cities, with some noisy nightlife, a bit of culture (an art museum and summer theatre), a range of continental and ethnic restaurants, a big regatta in July, and an interesting historical preserve at Father Pandosy’s Mission. Kelowna even has its own version of the Loch Ness monster: Ogopogo.

    Summerland is a theme town done in the same spirit as Osoyoos, only this time they chose to do it Tudor style. Old Summerland is down on the water, but most of the town’s business now thrives up on the hill. Note the Agricultural Research Station, the only active agricultural research centre in the Okanagan. Its interpretive centre, research facilities, and ornamental gardens have become a draw for thousands of international visitors every year.

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