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"Villa Orion Vacation Treatment Truly Spectacular Destination Feeling"

Villa Orion Vacation Treatment


Villa Orion Vacation Treatment.
Treat Yourself to a Villa Orion Vacation.
The property is very lush and beautiful with wonderful orchards and a short drive to the house from the entrance.
The decor is very assorted and blends together in a beautiful way.
We loved the crystals inside and the figures outside.
The oriental garden is lovely.

"Villa Orion Vacation Treatment"

Tripadvisor Reference: Villa Orion is Best House & Location In The Okanagan & Quite Likely One Of The Best in Canada.

Orion Vacation Treatment.
We had many bird visitors and enjoyed watching them in the yard and trees.
The house is truly spectacular with 360 views that really make one feel a part of the destination.
It’s lovely to walk around and feel the peacefulness.
For us, the weather was perfect with breezes and a stronger wind in the evening that shook the trees and gave us much to watch as we relaxed in the large living room.
Villa Orion Vacation Treatment.
We used the two downstairs bedrooms which both had nice views of the outside areas.
The lake view from the Master Bedroom is spectacular.
We had everything we needed to have a wonderful time although we left to wander around the area for much of our time.
We spent the evenings there and one lazy afternoon.
Lori was on hand to greet us and she showed us everything we needed to know about and she was available to us when we needed her or had a question.
Rein is a wonderful host and it was our pleasure to be able to stay in his lovely home.
I hope to return again.
Treat Yourself to a Villa Orion Vacation.
Villa Orion Vacation Treatment.
Review Irene B. on Homeaway.com, assessed 5 stars, Jul 7, 2017.