Privately owned Villa Orion 1981

Rental Villa Penticton

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    Explore on Google Maps the stunning location of Villa Orion (= Orion Consultings Ltd.= the owner).

    Rental Villa Penticton since 1981

      Since 1981 we own Rental Villa Penticton, this premier luxury estate. Our company – Orion Consultings Limited – has been incorporated from 13th Day of October 1981 under the Company Act Number 243822 of Province British Columbia, Ministry of Commerce and Corporate Affairs. We built villa Orion between 2004-2007 at the location of our old cottage. From 1. March 2013 we are renting villa Orion. The City of Penticton approved the rental with the business license, number 14610.
      Rental Villa Penticton
      After more than 30 years’ ownership this property has always been a sanctuary for us. We want to share this experience with our guests.

      Feeling like home in Rental Villa Penticton with better view, technologies, wellness, cleanliness & concierge

      Leaving your home for a minimum of two months or more you expect to have a printer at the desk, good lighting for work and 50-100 MHz for bandwidth. The longer your stay, the higher your expectations. Villa Orion is challenging your high expectations with its five-star amenities: technology entertainment, exclusive artwork, celebrity amenities and outdoor design comforters. And with our fantastic concierge, who is a gem, respecting your privacy and being there when needed.

      Rental Villa Penticton: Lease Price for 1 month for 4 persons

      Long term rent for a Low Season Month ( = January, February, March and November) is C$ 5’000 per month.
      Long term rent for a Shoulder Season Month (= April, May, October and December) is C$ 7’500 per month.
      Long term rent for a Peak Season Month (June, July, August and September) = C$ 11’000 per month.
      Excl. 1 x per week cleaning + concierge.
      Maximum capacity = 6 persons.

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      Our Rental Villa Penticton is ideal

      1. For (pre) Retired People wanting to live in a wonderful Mediterranean climate
      2. For Active Workers – Traders, IT specialists, Authors, Professors – looking for consistent top quality, fast internet & concierge
      3. For Family Reunions enjoying people they love most: no hotel room hassle, no second home, no expensive club membership
      4. For Wine Lovers wanting to live in the center of 40 Okanagan Wineries
      5. For Business (Wo)men looking for a home away from home together with family.

      Rental Villa Penticton Characteristics

      You want the values and spaciousness, to live in a way you live at home. Look at the spaciousness of villa Orion, it offers floor to ceiling glass, providing dramatic views and provoking spectacular fascination, introducing incoming light deep into the interior spaces. With emphasis on open, flowing interior spaces, the relationship between interior and exterior spaces, general use of glass and natural light, use of sun and shading to enhance human comfort, this villa is the epitome of modern architecture. While many homes along the lakes promote the lake and mountain views, villa Orion has refreshing modern furnishings that inspire and offer comfort for conversation or to retreat for privacy:

      Rental Villa Penticton

      One interesting feature was the power metal blinds for all windows that roll down with a push of button for both privacy and security. The entire structure has a lot of windows for great views of the surrounding lake, mountains, town from both the first and second stories ( a review).
      Villa Orion first floor is the cinema area, open glass vestibule, 2 aircos & fans, extra third bed + bathroom, patio door, electrical shutters and library.

      Why is our Rental Villa Penticton your best choice in the Okanagan?

      Rental Villa Penticton

      We all felt refreshed by the comfortable beds and pillows and luxurious soaps and lotions in the baths. We felt details were considered a priority for our stay ( a review).

      Three reasons:
      1. Tranquility, privacy, luxury and exclusivity reinforced by high services of our local concierge
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      2. Fabulous location at the edge of clay cliffs overlooking Okanagan Lake & Penticton
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      Rental Villa Penticton

      The chef in our group loved the pro-grade appliances and kitchen tools (a review).

      3. Combine your work/retirement with leisure activities around Rental Penticton Villa
      • Click on: Best Canadian Beaches: from villa Orion a 7 minutes’ walk – 15 minutes’ drive.
      • Click on: Golf Paradise: from villa Orion a 10 – 90 minutes’ drive: 38 golf courses!
      • Click on: Best Canadian Wineries & Wines: from villa Orion a 2 – 90 minutes’ drive!
      • Click on: Ski Resorts: from villa Orion a 35 – 180 minutes’ drive: 7 ski resorts!
      • Click on: Festivals in Every Season: from villa Orion a 10 minutes’ drive.

      Rental Villa Penticton

      From the greeting at the front door to learn how everything worked in the home to the wave goodbye at the end, Lori wanted to make sure our visit was perfect & memorable (a review).

      Live like a local in Rental Villa Penticton

      Local semi-arid climate with hot, dry, sunny summers and cold, cloudy winters is facilitating:
      • In Winter your skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, dog sledding, skating, snowmobiling, tubing/tobogganing and spa visits in the Alpine Mountains and/or your visits to Penticton Vees’ ice hockey matches

      • In Spring your fascination for apple, apricot, cherry, peach and plum blossoms; your fun for early golfing and/or encouraging your cruises through breathtaking landscapes and geological ancient bluffs, craters, canyons, lakes, cliffs and mountains (no snakes yet!)

      • In Summer your beach, casino, festival & outdoor life; and/or your cocooning at our serene & secluded patio; and/or your tubing, wakeboarding, wake-surfing, skiing, and para-sailing on the lakes

      • In Fall your gulping down Indian summer colors and wine ripening fragrances; and/or your desire for hunting, fishing and gold panning in the awesome wildlife.

      Wine lovers are right in the heart of wine country with Spring, Fall and Winter festivals.

      Rental Villa Penticton

      Winemaking is the hot ticket in the Okanagan, located in the center of the legendary Wine Country of British Columbia. Over 80% of BC’s wine grapes are grown in this area: between Osoyoos and Vernon. Ask the concierge for the best rewarded 25 wineries and wines. And our favorites!

      The representatives of the owner are Rein Willemsen (reservation manager) and Lori Gordon (local concierge, living on the property).

      Rental Villa Penticton

      Rein Willemsen

      Rental Villa Penticton

      Lori Gordon

      Rein and Lori have their own responsibilities in hospitality management:

      1. Facilitating rental planning, numbers, names and duration of stay (Rein)

      2. Facilitating bookings, payments, data and guests’ expectations (Rein)

      3. Welcoming (gate entrance, security, cleaning and villa facilities) and managing your wishes, privacy & safety (Lori)

      4. Checking out the last morning based on the inventory checklist & receiving your reviews (Lori)

      5. After sales and multi-channel awareness & purchases (Rein)

      Rental Penticton Villa


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      Lori is living in her own house at the property (above photo: her house is on the left). Her two mini horse – Daisy and Shadow – ponies are at the meadow close to her house:
      Rental Villa Penticton