"Guests' review Luxury Retreats Villa Orion Penticton"
"Treat Five Star Dream Vacation Home"

Treat Five Star Dream Vacation Home


Treat Five Star Dream Vacation Home.
Villa Orion was the jewel in the crown of our visit to Penticton.
From the moment we three couples drove down the impressive long driveway and opened the front door, we went around discovering everything with our mouths open.
The caretaker, was there to welcome us and give the tour of the place, but left us to our privacy unless we had questions.
It was perfect.
"Treat Five Star Dream Vacation Home in Penticton"
Treat Yourself To a 5 Star Dream Vacation Home
We all loved our bedrooms – my husband and I enjoyed the upper floor expansive loft and could hardly close our eyes for wanting to keep looking at the lights of Penticton and the lake below!
Everything needed in the kitchen was right at hand and we loved eating outside on the patio overlooking Okanagan lake.
We could hardly bear to tear ourselves away to attend a family reunion and felt slightly guilty that the other cousins had to stay in the mediocre motels downtown while we lounged about in luxury for the same price they were paying!
We can’t say enough good things about Villa Orion.
It was our best vacation rental home we’ve ever been to.
We’re coming back next summer!
Treat Yourself To a 5 Star Dream Vacation Home
Review from Carolyn G. on HomeAway.com, assessed as 5 stars, Aug 16, 2017.